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Council of Ministries

The Council of Ministries is the governing body of Saint Sophia's Parish Ministry Teams. Its purpose is to direct, coordinate, teach, support, and equip the servant-leaders of each parish ministry for their work of ministry,  and their building-up of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12). It is headed by the presiding priest and is comprised of leader of each of the respective Ministry Teams.


Parish Council

The Parish Council is a ministry of "servant-leadership" of the parish as a whole.  The Priest, together with the Parish Council,  is responsible to the respective Hierarch for the whole life and activities of his Parish. Each Parish is administered by the Priest and Parish Council cooperatively.

Liturgical Services

Liturgical services are the foundational ministry of the Orthodox Church and our parish.



The word "Philoptochos" means "friends of the poor." The Saint Sophia Philoptochos Ministry Team is engaged in philanthropy that ministers to those in need.


Sunday School

The Sunday School Ministry Team serves to facilitate the religious education and spiritual formation of the children of Saint Sophia.



The mission of the GOYA Ministry Team is to cultivate spiritual growth, fellowship, worship, and service in the lives of our children in grades 7-12.


Greek Festival

The mission of the Greek Festival Ministry team is to celebrate our culture and Faith with the greater New London community while building camaraderie among our parishioners and raising funds for our church.



Together with liturgical services, the Holy Sacraments are central to our ministry.


Choir & Chanters

The Choir and Chanting Ministry Teams serve Christ and our parish by helping to facilitate a prayerful, beautiful, and spiritually transformative worship experience.


Adult Education

The Adult Education Ministry Team serves to facilitate the religious education and spiritual formation of the Saint Sophia's parishioners and catechumens.


Senior Fellowship

The mission of the Senior Fellowship Ministry Team is to offer monthly meals to for the enjoyment and fellowship of our whole community.


Greek Dancing

The mission of the Greek Dance Ministry Team is to promote fellowship, culture, and faith development in the lives of the children of our parish, through teaching and performing traditional Greek dances.


Pastoral Care

The ministry of pastoral care cultivates healing in the lives of parishioners in and through Jesus Christ and His Holy Orthodox Church. 



The Acolyte Ministry Team serves to assist the clergy and laity in a manner that facilitates prayerful and orderly liturgical services.


Soup Kitchen

The mission of the Soup Kitchen Ministry Team is to feed the hungry at the New London Community Meal Center and at the New London Church of the City.


Greek School

The mission of the Greek School Ministry Team is to teach students Greek language and culture for their knowledge and edification.

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