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Learning Resources

For Adults 


Ancient Faith Ministries

An outstanding site for a variety of Orthodox Christian educational resources. 

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

An online educational library for Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Church in America

Online resources resources for Orthodox Christians. Topics include: Feasts & Saints, Readings, Q&A, Prayers

Orthodox Prayer

An excellent site for instruction on how to pray and the text of various Orthodox prayers.

Reading List (Orthodox Christianity)

(With descriptions & ratings)

Eighth Day Books

A bookstore with the organizing principle:

"if a book (be it literary, scientific, historical, or theological) sheds light on ultimate questions in an excellent way, then it's a worthy candidate for inclusion in our catalog."

Eastern Orthodox Patristics

A library guide to the Orthodox "Church Fathers"

Index of Orthodox Saints

Find a Saint's name and your "Nameday."

 For Families & Children


Academy of Orthodox Faith and Learning

Daily online teaching program for preschool age children.  Includes daily morning prayers, teachings on our Orthodox faith, faith facts, modern Greek and Orthodox story time:

Orthodox Pebbles

Resources for teaching pre-schoolers and early elementary school children.


Educational videos geared toward High Schoolers: “Bee the Bee”, “Books of the Bible”, “Live the Word”, “The Trench”, “Pop Culture Coffee Hour”, “ExeGenius” (People of all ages like these clips)

The Orthodox Children's Press 

A website for young children that connects home and church.

The Orthodox Catechism Project

Resources from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver teaching the Orthodox Faith to people of all ages.


Orthodox Study Bible

Purchase an Orthodox Study Bible

Bible Gateway

Read and search the Bible online in a variety of different languages.

Interlinear Bible

Read the Bible in English alongside the original languages of it (Hebrew & Greek) 

Codex Sinaticus

View and experience the oldest Bible in the world in "book" form  ("codex") which is accessible online.


Video Learning

Orthodox Worship Space –  2 min 25 sec

Orthodox View on Science – 6 min 12 sec

What is a Sacrament ?  – 7 min 15 sec

Introduction to Orthodox Worship – 15 min

Orthodoxy & The Bible 14 min 16 sec

Reading the Bible as an Orthodox Christian

– 1 hr 33 min

The Early Church – 30 min

What is Orthodox Christianity? – 33 min 27 sec

Patristics: The Fathers Of The Church – 30 min 

Orthodox Ecclesiology – 9 min 51 sec

Orthodox View of Salvation – 9 min 5 sec

The Shocking Truth of Orthodox Christianity

–63 min

Advice for Beginners – 6 min 49 sec

History of the Orthodox Church, Part 1: Beginnings – 28 min

History of Orthodox Christianity Part 2: Byzantium – 28 min 

History of Orthodox Christianity Part 3: A Hidden Treasure – 28 min

How to Make Prosforo – 5 min 33 sec

Church Services & Music


Ages Initiatives

Digital text and music for liturgical services for every day of the year

Learn to Chant Byzantine Music

Additional Chanting Resources

Eikona Daily Hymns App

Music of daily Orthodox hymns beautifully chanted 

Church Etiquette

Basic guidelines for proper decorum in an Orthodox Church.

Useful Apps


Greek Orthodox Calendar

Pray Always (Electronic Prayer Book)

Ancient Faith Radio 

Daily Bible Readings

Orthodox Study Bible

Digital Chant Stand

Eikona Daily Hymns App

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