Sunday School

"Train a child to choose the right path,
and when he is older he will remain upon it."     
Proverbs 22:6

Sunday School Curriculum

Pre-School - Introduction to who Jesus is. Lessons include prayers, stories about Jesus, the Bible, Christmas, Easter and Holy Days.

Kindergarten - Introduction to Church teachings, special events in the Church calendar and Bible teachings. Children learn to make the sign of the Cross and simple prayers.

First Grade - Children are introduced to Bible Truths and how they work in everyday living, learn Church prayers and participate in fun activities such as read and tell plays, word games and puzzles.

Second Grade - Children are involved in activities that emphasize events and people from the Bible and Church history. Topics offered include the Ten Commandments, Christ is Born, The Last Supper and the Divine Liturgy.

Third/Fourth Grade - Children are taken on a journey into Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition and learn that the pathway to salvation leads to the coming of Christ. All students are given a Bible and taught about its format in learning how to use it.

Fifth Grade - Students learn of Jesus’ major teachings by reading and discussing His parables and the application of the parables to the students’ everyday lives. Teachings include The Creed, Lord’s Prayer and the Three Holies. In addition, students learn what steps are involved in painting icons and make their own during the spring semester.

Sixth Grace - Students review the pathway to Christian living through studying areas of the Scripture, tradition, doctrines, Church history and liturgical life.

Seventh Grade - Students will discover the meaning of missions in Orthodoxy and study the lives of great Missionary saints most notable St. Innocent of Alaska.

Eighth Grade - Students are involved in an in-depth study of the Sacraments: Baptism, Chrismation, Communion, Confession, Unction, Marriage and Ordination. Teenagers are exposed to the Sacraments’ historic information and description, as well as how they are administered.

Ninth Grade - Students will study the Divine Liturgy, Creed and Bible format in depth. In addition, the important events celebrated during Holy Week will be explored.

Tenth/Eleventh - Students will discover the gifts God brings into our lives and how to use these gifts in everyday living of one’s faith. The class will focus on our Orthodox understanding of Theosis - to become God-like as they learn to live life as committed Orthodox Christians.